Why TS escorts are so popular

By | March 5, 2014

When most people think of the escort industry, they immediately think of high class and elite London escorts on the arm of London’s elite gentlemen in the affluent city center. However in reality the most popular choice of companions through our the capital is Asian escorts London, which are by a distance the most popular escort. But within the subcategories of Asian escorts London we see, to many peoples surprise that the most in demand companions are TS escorts London which a vast majority of Londoners choosing to experiment with the unfamiliar experience.

This may be considered unusual and unnatural by a lot of people although it has been tradition in Thailand for centuries. It was mainly introduced to the west during the famous ladyboys of Bangkok tour where we saw our first glimpses of how beautiful these women could be. Women were in envy and men were in amazement of how feminine and authentic they looked, causing many to believe it was just a hoax. However when shemale escorts London first came to town it gave men an opportunity to express their desires without the fear of public humiliation of spending an evening with a shemale.

The thing that surprises most people about the clients who book TS escorts London, is that they are not gay. In fact the vast majority of people who book shemale escorts London are straight men, often in relationships and even married. Although this may seem unethical, they are in desperate need of an element or danger of suspense that they cannot get in their daily lives. And yet they are travelling town with a beautiful and elegant woman, there are no ties or commitments and just great fun to be had.

So my advice to anyone reading this article who has not already booked TS escorts London, would be to try it for an evening and see if you like it. there is a reason so many people choose to book Naughty Shemales and because they are so beautiful and elegant, no one will know it is not a female Asian escort. So try the most popular type of companion in London and experience for yourself the fun that can be had with Ts escorts London.