Why Everyone Should Book an Asian Escort

By | August 19, 2014

Many guys prefer Asian women over any other girls, but they can never really put their finger on why they find them so attractive. I am in the same boat as these guys, but one thing that I do know is that Asian escorts London are amazing and by far better than dating an Asian girl. These girls are just incredible and have been carefully selected from around the globe so that you can be sure, when you book from girl escorts London, you will be choosing from some of the hottest, sexiest and most sophisticate girls in the city. So why would you want to book an escort rather than having a girlfriend? There are many advantages and too many for me to go over in this one blog post, first of all being there is no constant texting or phoning the morning after, which can often be a nightmare. Second of all, you don’t always have to see the same girl, each time you want to go on a date you can be with a different Asian escort.

Below is Arina, one of the London Asian escorts that I have previously been on a date with, you can find her profile here, I have also included some pictures below so you can see how amazing she is!

Arina 1 Arina 2

I don’t share with many people that I book escorts, but the few that I do always have loads of questions about the experience as well as about the girls themselves. I have only ever booked Asian escorts in London so I can’t speak for all escort agencies, but my experience has always been very positive and I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t booked an escort before to do so at least once. These girls are unlike any other girls you will have been with, all they want to do is please you and make sure that you are 100% satisfied!