What the punter want from London escorts

By | August 11, 2014

Day after day I read blogs and forums and silly posting about what punters want from London escorts, it seems that every body wants the earth, which is fair enough, but they do not want to pay for it, dig deep fellas it seems that you are all just a little bit tight when it comes to paying for the services of a beautiful escort in London.So many people go on about this lady and that lady, one even commented that he was a little worried about the high rise tower block he was visitng in East London for the lady who cost the grand sum of £60 for an hour, what made me laugh was the fact that along with him moaning about how he was worried that he could have got mug was the fact that she was rough! My friend do you not release that £60 buys you nothing, it is not even a meal for one so there is no way on Gods green Earth that you are going to get a stunning looking lady sucking your dick for it, but is that what you are used to, are you used to the local slapper down the pub going down on you after you have brought her an alco pop? Does a meal out with a girl consist of you visiting the local kebab shop, her having to pay for hers of course.

Just check these girls out at this escort agency, their prices start at £150 and they are stunning, yet so many of you moan about them, I would love to know how many of you have actually visited and part up with your paper, I think very few. A pair of Gucci loafers cost up wards of £350 and that is just for a pair of shoes, come on, this is a woman, real flesh and blood. What I do wonder is if you saw any of these girls in a club or a pub how many of you would fall over backwards just trying to get her attention? How many of you would succeed? None of you, you are all to fucking tight!

These £150 girls that you all want to slate live in £4000 a month apartments, they are not going to suck you off for nothing, they work hard and do very well. So stop moaning, if you want to pay £60 then fine but leave the girls alone who change more, it is not their faults that they have got the saggy fanny that you all seem to seek.