What Makes the Perfect London Escort Date?

By | April 30, 2015

An appointment with elite London escorts gives you the opportunity to do whatever takes your fancy.

If this is the first time you’ve booked an appointment to spend quality time with a high class escort there’s a good chance that you’ll want to do something fun and memorable. You will have to consider overall expenses as you’ll be paying for her time, accommodation, food, drinks, entertainment, travel and anything else. Once you have a realistic idea of what kind of budget you have to play with you’ll be able to make appropriate plans.

Top Of The Range

If expense is not something you don’t have to worry about why not fly off into to the sunset on a private jet. Your high class escort companion will be very happy to pack a few bikinis for some quality time in the sun. Book into a prestigious hotel – penthouse suite, if possible – and hit the town in style. Try out the local exclusive restaurant for some seasonal cuisine washed out with the best champagne on the menu. Take in a show or hit the nightclubs to round off the evening before starting up some excitement back at the hotel.

Variations on the top of the range theme include any social engagement not open to the general public, an extended break in a grand hotel, or an invitation to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

Mid Price

The mid price option generally appeals to most gentlemen who want to impress their perfect elite escort companion, but also want to be sensible about it. This option offers plenty of scope to get creative about what you’d like to do. You can consider an intimate dinner for two at a Michelin starred London restaurant, a West End show with cocktails at a trendy bar, an ‘experience’ break at a His and Her Spa or anything that you’re both likely to enjoy.

Mid price doesn’t have to be flashy but it does have to be quality. If you wrack your brains you will easily be able to come up with a handful of activity ideas that are more than suitable.


The budget option is best to be avoided at all costs. In fact, if this is all your budget can afford you are better off saving up the pennies before you book an appointment to spend quality time with a classy exclusive escort. After all, she’ll be your dream woman and you’ll want to impress her.