Sometimes Knightsbridge escorts just want a steak!

By | October 22, 2015

And your company of course! However, it doesn’t matter how good your company is, you’re still not going to outdo the steaks at Hawksmoor in Knightsbridge. Our Knightsbridge escorts love a nice bit of meat!

It might not be the most expensive or exclusive restaurants in town, particularly in Knightsbridge, but it really does have some of the best steaks! Rump, sirloin, fillet, you name it, you’ll get the very best cuts and they’ll be cooked to your specifications perfectly every time. We’ve been there on many occasions in the past, as have our exclusive escorts. They don’t just go when they’re on a booking either, they often frequent this fine restaurant with friends too. It must be this new fad to eat lots of protein in order to stay in shape!

What’s so great about Hawksmoor?

The great thing about Hawksmoor in Knightsbridge is that it’s been “adapted” somewhat. Steakhouses aren’t the usual hangout for the Knightsbridge elite, as some of you will already know of course. However, this small chain of fantastic restaurants are not beyond customising their menus for their clientele. Many of our Knightsbridge escorts love this fact, primarily because they have a penchant for seafood. Why go to a steakhouse for seafood? Good question. However, isn’t it nice to have the choice? Yes, our girls like to have a good steak, but they might actually like to start with some oysters!

So you see Hawksmoor have adapted their menu in Knightsbridge to include much more fresh seafood; more than you would find on the menu elsewhere. The dressed oysters and the caviar are excellent with a nice wine. Ask the waiting staff to recommend a good wine if you’re not too sure, they really do know what they’re talking about here.

Just how expensive is it at Hawksmoor?

Not that it will bother many of you of course. If you’re here on London Deluxe than you’ll be able to afford the finer things in life. However, it’s nice to get a general idea. A pretty standard romantic dinner for two will cost you around £150, which in our mind is perfectly reasonable for Knightsbridge. Of course if you want to treat one of our Knightsbridge escorts to something a little fancier, you can order a bottle or two of expensive champagne that’s sure to increase the bill!

Remember, when you’re booking a high class escort like one of our Knightsbridge girls, you’re going to want to take them somewhere nice…