Running a London escort agency is easy

By | March 15, 2016

I love the fact that people believe that running an escort agency is easy, I love that fact that most people think that they can open an escort agency with just a few grand and I love the fact that they all believe that their lives are going to change and become some like off the television, come on people do we all think that is like Secret Dairy?

When it come to running a London escort agency the stakes are high and when stakes are high there is a lot of hard work involved.

Look at it this way –

A professional image of a London escort

London escort

The Best Place to Get an Adult Website?

You can get a fantastic website from people like Adult Creative for next to nothing, that is the easy part, a few phone calls and a bank transfer and you are done. From then on in it gets harder, from then on running a escort agency is hard work and is going to cost.

For the site to come in on Google, and when I say come in I mean in the top couple of pages, you have going to have to spend. The SEO work, if you don’t know what SEO is then I am sorry but you shouldn’t even be reading this article, is going to cost a small fortune, no point in sugar coating it, to rank any where decent for terms like “London Escorts’ or “ London Escort’ or ‘Escorts London” terms that are you to get you work you have got to have budgeted for 10s of thousands – does that shock you?

You need 10s of thousands of pounds and its going to take a while to do, that phone is going to set there looking at you for months on end, doing nothing, are you ready for that?

Are You Prepared For a Site?

Adverting is shit and its expensive, sites like Backpage and Cherry Girls and even London Escort Guide are charging top dollar and there are so many other escort agencies on them, you are competing with hundreds.

This is a business which brings in rather large rewards – when its busy, to get those rewards you have got to run it like a business, you have got to work, can you stay up to 2am every morning? Do you have someone that you can trust if you want to go on holiday? Where are you going to find the girls?

Most importantly have you any idea how to run a business?

An escort agency is for life not just for Christmas