Bayswater escort

By | December 18, 2013

Today I have decided to bring you some updates on an area that I hold very dear, there always have been a great selection of girls available in Bayswater but of late this number has shoot through the roof, as a punter you are faced with the hard choice of having to select one ( if that is all that your budget allows) and that is why I thought that I would start this handy little blog up. I want to be able to help you pick the very best escorts that you can find, I want you guys to write in with your experiences, someone’s else point of view is always great, and lets all share what we have leant. Contain below I have listed a number of the escorts in Bayswater that I have seen over the past couple of months, I live just outside of the area so travelling there is quite easy for me and a good place to start.To pick the girls that I see I normally use an agency, it is just a lot easier to book through them because you are not having to wait for the girl to get back to you, check her dairy, speak with her friend etc etc etc, of course I have used many agencies but I do favor one in particular now when it comes to arranging my dates with the Bayswater escorts.

Many of the escorts in Bayswater are based around the road that runs through the middle of it, Queensway, this is also home to the main tube station – Bayswater and also Queensway tube located at the south end, there are also a few other stations that are close to the girls but I guest this escort agency will direct you best there, now onto the girls.

A little gem whom I have just meet with is Oliva, a brunette, very pretty and looks like her photos on the site, of course a lot less make up in real life then in them. A ask for alevel and that I what I got, Oliva was magic a real great bet and well worth the £200 price tag for a 1 hour incall meet. She opened the door to me, as I ask, wearing nothing but white high heels and a smile and it was not long before I had her feet at the 10 to 2 position, a great turn on and a good reason to rebook at a later date.

How could any talk about Bayswater escorts and not mention this girl, to me she is the pinnacle of everything that is hot about seeing an escort, she is the personification of sexy and as far as I can say one of the very best lays in the whole of London. I am talking about blonde Monica, this lady appears on other sites under different names and I have seen her 4 times now ( once as a duo with her girl friend Rasia although they are not fully bi, I could not control myself and lasted about a minute!). This lady has got to be one of the very best bets, not just in Bayswater but anywhere, she looks out of this world and has the most amazing pink fishnet bodysuit that you are going to see, she is more than happy to keep it on while you play. Do not mess with her though, keep within the limits or you will see a side of her that you will just not like.

This is only 2 girls, can you believe it, two ladies and I have nearly taken up a full page, I hope that I have started to give you something that you all want and that you will let me keep doing it. I have so much to share with you on so many different girls and lets be honest what would you prefer to do, sit at home watching the TV or get out and meet up with sexy, open minded ladies who are there to have fun with you?