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Finding Time to Cuddle

1447035390_staff_512_564001fe68a52_tnIt is incredible how many single people there are in London. According to some pretty conservative numbers up to 30% of London’s adult population is single. Do these figures mean Londoners are simply not willing to commit or is there something that is going wrong with relationships that we are simply not able to fix? Perhaps one of the reasons is that brits like to do a lot of talking (and shouting, surprisingly) but not a lot of cuddling.

That’s right, research has shown that cuddling is one of the best ways for a couple to truly connect and be able to feel like they’re on the same team. It’s because when we’re so close to someone we are actually being intimate with them. It’s the same principles that apply to tantric massages (which are a great way to learn how to effectively communicate too and are readily available from agencies like Bespoke Tantric). Basically when you’re in contact with someone, when you’re able to hold each other touch each other and yet not have sex with each other your brain begins to signal the production of hormones that make you feel happy, open and willing to talk to someone. It’s the idea that whomever you touch you care about and how hugs can be much more intimate than a sloppy kiss at a bar in the middle of the night.

If you’re having trouble with your partner or simply want to strengthen your relationship take a cue from Tantra and take time to actually hold each other. It’s such a simple thing but the more you do it the more you realize what your feelings for the person you are with are beyond any arguments or disagreements. In fact, even if you’re ready to make a run for it practicing just 10 minutes of cuddling every night might make you change your mind. Sometimes, what we need is less talking and more silence together. If you need more help perhaps talking to a tantric masseuse to come have a session with both of you might be a good way to start healing your relationship. Good people are hard to find so if you have a good person by your side it’s time that you start touching them more and yelling at them a lot less. That also might lead you two to doing a lot more than just cuddling and that’s also a great way to know that your relationship is on the mends.

Running a London escort agency is easy

I love the fact that people believe that running an escort agency is easy, I love that fact that most people think that they can open an escort agency with just a few grand and I love the fact that they all believe that their lives are going to change and become some like off the television, come on people do we all think that is like Secret Dairy?

When it come to running a London escort agency the stakes are high and when stakes are high there is a lot of hard work involved.

Look at it this way –

A professional image of a London escort

London escort

The Best Place to Get an Adult Website?

You can get a fantastic website from people like Adult Creative for next to nothing, that is the easy part, a few phone calls and a bank transfer and you are done. From then on in it gets harder, from then on running a escort agency is hard work and is going to cost.

For the site to come in on Google, and when I say come in I mean in the top couple of pages, you have going to have to spend. The SEO work, if you don’t know what SEO is then I am sorry but you shouldn’t even be reading this article, is going to cost a small fortune, no point in sugar coating it, to rank any where decent for terms like “London Escorts’ or “ London Escort’ or ‘Escorts London” terms that are you to get you work you have got to have budgeted for 10s of thousands – does that shock you?

You need 10s of thousands of pounds and its going to take a while to do, that phone is going to set there looking at you for months on end, doing nothing, are you ready for that?

Are You Prepared For a Site?

Adverting is shit and its expensive, sites like Backpage and Cherry Girls and even London Escort Guide are charging top dollar and there are so many other escort agencies on them, you are competing with hundreds.

This is a business which brings in rather large rewards – when its busy, to get those rewards you have got to run it like a business, you have got to work, can you stay up to 2am every morning? Do you have someone that you can trust if you want to go on holiday? Where are you going to find the girls?

Most importantly have you any idea how to run a business?

An escort agency is for life not just for Christmas

The Dorchester hotel escorts

Dorchester hotel exterior

The Dorchester Hotel, 53 Park Lane, W1K 1QA, is one of the finest hotels in the capital, steeped with history and grandeur and favored by celebrities, royals and the super-rich, not many could compete with the high standards of this refined hotel. Not content with one renowned hotel on the world famous Park Lane, the Dorchester now have a venerable off spring in the form of 45 Park Lane, Mayfair, W1K 1PN. A contemporary boutique hotel that has translated the famously high standards of its father into an exciting, glamorous abode that offers all the luxurious modern conveniences the discerning business and pleasure traveler requires. From a personal host and a stretch limo for a smooth ride around the capital, to yoga mats in every room and TV’s embedded in the bathroom mirrors so guests can recline in the giant marble baths and watch.

45 Park Lane is small but perfectly formed and is frequented by Mayfair’s most glamorous ladies the Mayfair escorts from Exclusive Company Mayfair Escorts Agency. The interior of 45 Park Lane has been designed by New-York designer Thierry Despont in a fabulous art deco design, each room enjoys breath taking views of Hyde Park and has stunning contemporary art works adorning the walls. Mayfair escorts love to stay in the stunning penthouse suite with their discerning gentlemen companions. With a wraparound balcony offering panoramic views across the capital it is the perfect spot for an intimate soiree. The bar and restaurant at 45 Park Lane have a distinctly American feel, the visually stunning central staircase leads guests up to the first floor bar that has a stylish atmosphere and a high class cocktail menu. For pre-dinner cocktails or a naughty night cap before an escort in Mayfair and her handsome companion retire for the evening.

Dorchester Hotel Interior

The CUT restaurant at 45 Park Lane is a modern American Steak restaurant with a menu created by internationally acclaimed chef Wolfgang Puck. Rare steaks, roasted lobster, wagyu beef and whole grilled fish are served cooked to perfection and tasting divine. The restaurant also has a selection of over four hundred and fifty American wines to accompany your meal, one of the largest selections in the UK. 45 Park Lane is quite simply sensational, it is a perfect hotel for a naughty weekend of seduction and indulgence with one of Exclusive Company Mayfair Escorts most elite ladies










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Why Visit Kensington

Kensington is an incredible city to visit, this city has so much to offer for visitors whether its food or even enjoying a relaxing stay at one of the most luxurious hotels in the whole of the country. If you plan on making a trip to this affluent part of the country and you’re looking for some incredible food in Kensington then you have a hell of a lot to choose from, one of the highest class restaurants this city has to offer goes by the name of Cote Brasserie. This restaurant serves up some of the most delicious French food the whole of London has to offer. This is the perfect kind of location to be accompanied by one of the most beautiful Kensington escorts for some incredible French cuisine.

If you do end up taking a trip to this part of the city then you should definitely make sure you’re going to be here for a few days to experience as much as you possibly can, which means you’re going to need some accommodation well your certainly in the right place this city is littered with luxury hotels. One of the best hotels in this city when it comes to luxury is without doubt The Royal Garden Hotel. This 5 star hotel is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing night after a busy day of exploring the sites of the city of Kensington.  Why not take one of the most stunning Kensington escorts to this hotel for a night you will forever remember.

If you are here for a few days you would be stupid not to try the nightlife, this city has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife. If you’re looking to party it up at the best of nightclubs Kensington has to offer then you should try Boujis, this establishment is one of the most exclusive this country has to offer and a favourite among celebs that are based in this city. This is the perfect kind of establishment to be accompanied by one of the most gorgeous Kensington escorts.

Sometimes Knightsbridge escorts just want a steak!

And your company of course! However, it doesn’t matter how good your company is, you’re still not going to outdo the steaks at Hawksmoor in Knightsbridge. Our Knightsbridge escorts love a nice bit of meat!

It might not be the most expensive or exclusive restaurants in town, particularly in Knightsbridge, but it really does have some of the best steaks! Rump, sirloin, fillet, you name it, you’ll get the very best cuts and they’ll be cooked to your specifications perfectly every time. We’ve been there on many occasions in the past, as have our exclusive escorts. They don’t just go when they’re on a booking either, they often frequent this fine restaurant with friends too. It must be this new fad to eat lots of protein in order to stay in shape!

What’s so great about Hawksmoor?

The great thing about Hawksmoor in Knightsbridge is that it’s been “adapted” somewhat. Steakhouses aren’t the usual hangout for the Knightsbridge elite, as some of you will already know of course. However, this small chain of fantastic restaurants are not beyond customising their menus for their clientele. Many of our Knightsbridge escorts love this fact, primarily because they have a penchant for seafood. Why go to a steakhouse for seafood? Good question. However, isn’t it nice to have the choice? Yes, our girls like to have a good steak, but they might actually like to start with some oysters!

So you see Hawksmoor have adapted their menu in Knightsbridge to include much more fresh seafood; more than you would find on the menu elsewhere. The dressed oysters and the caviar are excellent with a nice wine. Ask the waiting staff to recommend a good wine if you’re not too sure, they really do know what they’re talking about here.

Just how expensive is it at Hawksmoor?

Not that it will bother many of you of course. If you’re here on London Deluxe than you’ll be able to afford the finer things in life. However, it’s nice to get a general idea. A pretty standard romantic dinner for two will cost you around £150, which in our mind is perfectly reasonable for Knightsbridge. Of course if you want to treat one of our Knightsbridge escorts to something a little fancier, you can order a bottle or two of expensive champagne that’s sure to increase the bill!

Remember, when you’re booking a high class escort like one of our Knightsbridge girls, you’re going to want to take them somewhere nice…

Topic: Escorts or strip clubs?

The city of London offers lucrative adult entertainment in the form of strip clubs and escort services that you can avail of. People have various reasons for availing such services and modes of fun. It could be that you are feeling lonely while away on a business trip and looking to pass some time, or you need a pretty lady to show you around the town. Let us now consider the perks and shortfalls of strip clubs and also assess what you can gain by hiring the services from London Punt:

Strip Clubs are an Expensive Way to Have Fun!


As far as adult entertainment goes, strip clubs do serve an important purpose. But it is like a kid in a candy store because all you can do is look and there is no scope for real action. The rules are pretty clear, you can watch the dancers move in a seductive manner and open their clothes to get you turned on but you are not allowed to participate in any carnal activity with any of the dancers of the club. The job of a stripper is to bring the men on edge so that the money keeps flowing. The maximum intimacy that you can get from the strippers is a 3 to 5 minutes lap dance session that you will have to pay for by burning a hole in your pocket. Of course, you wouldn’t be in any sense to really care about the money then! By the end of the night, you are going to retire to your hotel with a couple of 100 bucks short and not even know the name of the girls that danced or stripped for you. Neither will you remember anything when you wake up the next day because nothing really happened! The whole visit to a strip club can actually be quite frustrating for a gentleman since you will have to come back feeling high and dry.

Escort Services are Practical and a Lot More Fulfilling

A London escort posing for camera

The escort services are a lot more practical, affordable and intimate. With a beautiful escort by your side, you will be able to grab a couple of drinks and dinner at a restaurant or bar of your choice, take her with you on business meetings or parties to raise your status, stroll around the town at your own pace and have someone to warm your bed for the night when you feel like letting go of your venereal desires. The best part is that you get to do all this and more with a very attractive lady who will make heads turn and people envious of you as you walk hand in hand. The best part is that you can get the feeling of a strip club sitting in your lavish hotel suite in the company of a pulchritudinous paid-woman!

A lot of people are living under the false misconception that strip clubs are cheaper than escort services, however, if you take a step back to realize that you just paid for 8 lap dances, drinks, cover charges, did not eat, did not have any place to sit, then London escorts does not seem like such a bad idea, does it? The services of professional women are much more preferred because they provide fun and pleasure in a more intimate setting and they are surprisingly affordable!

5 Thoughtless Comments You Should Never Make

It is easy to make a casual throw away and thoughtless comment every once in a while. When you are in the company of someone you know your remarks can be quickly laughed off. If you happen to make this type of insensitive comment when you are with a high class Mayfair escorts you may find that it’s a little more difficult to ignore.


Being rude, offensive and insulting is totally unacceptable behavior. Occasionally though you may make an innocent remark that is misinterpreted. Always pay attention to the mood of a conversation so that you can avoid making any unnecessary thoughtless remarks. If one slips out by mistake do your best to apologise and explain what you really meant.


Things You Should Never Say

  1. “The last high class escort I spent time with had bigger boobs/prettier eyes/longer legs…”

It is never wise to compare your elite Mayfair escort experiences. Not only is the comparison disrespectful because you are pointing out your escort companion’s supposed shortcomings, but also because you are clearly paying her the wrong kind of attention. Remember it was you who selected this attractive high class London escort as your companion – she didn’t pick you.


Even if you’re disappointed with your elite London escort’s physical appearance be a gentleman and bite your tongue. Take your focus off her physical attributes and concentrate on getting to know her on another level. Her personality will soon win you over.

  1. You should get a proper job

Assuming your elite Mayfair escort does not have career choices is insulting and demeaning. There is never any reason to make this comment. You have booked an appointment to spend quality time in the company of a high class London escort. She is spending time with you. End of story.


  1. Doesn’t your boyfriend/husband think it’s weird that you meet other men?”

If you have just made this conversation faux pas you have obviously forgotten the importance of privacy, discretion and boundaries. What your high class Mayfair escort companion does in her private life is her business and not yours. You should therefore keep off any topics of conversation that are too prying or personal or both. Respect that she has a life of her own.


4.“Are your boobs real?”

Any comments that are directed at your elite London escort’s anatomy should be avoided at all times. Whilst it is perfectly acceptable to pay her flattering comments about her figure and appearance it is best to avoid thoughtless remarks, as these can be easily taken as offensive.


  1. “Is that it?”


Some gentlemen have unrealistic expectations about what a high class Mayfair escort experience is. A real life appointment experience with an elite London escort companion very much depends on the individuals involved and how they spend time together. As a gentleman making the booking you are taking the lead.

What Makes the Perfect London Escort Date?

An appointment with elite London escorts gives you the opportunity to do whatever takes your fancy.

If this is the first time you’ve booked an appointment to spend quality time with a high class escort there’s a good chance that you’ll want to do something fun and memorable. You will have to consider overall expenses as you’ll be paying for her time, accommodation, food, drinks, entertainment, travel and anything else. Once you have a realistic idea of what kind of budget you have to play with you’ll be able to make appropriate plans.

Top Of The Range

If expense is not something you don’t have to worry about why not fly off into to the sunset on a private jet. Your high class escort companion will be very happy to pack a few bikinis for some quality time in the sun. Book into a prestigious hotel – penthouse suite, if possible – and hit the town in style. Try out the local exclusive restaurant for some seasonal cuisine washed out with the best champagne on the menu. Take in a show or hit the nightclubs to round off the evening before starting up some excitement back at the hotel.

Variations on the top of the range theme include any social engagement not open to the general public, an extended break in a grand hotel, or an invitation to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

Mid Price

The mid price option generally appeals to most gentlemen who want to impress their perfect elite escort companion, but also want to be sensible about it. This option offers plenty of scope to get creative about what you’d like to do. You can consider an intimate dinner for two at a Michelin starred London restaurant, a West End show with cocktails at a trendy bar, an ‘experience’ break at a His and Her Spa or anything that you’re both likely to enjoy.

Mid price doesn’t have to be flashy but it does have to be quality. If you wrack your brains you will easily be able to come up with a handful of activity ideas that are more than suitable.


The budget option is best to be avoided at all costs. In fact, if this is all your budget can afford you are better off saving up the pennies before you book an appointment to spend quality time with a classy exclusive escort. After all, she’ll be your dream woman and you’ll want to impress her.

how to choose the right manchester escort for your liaison

When seeking the perfect rendezvous with the Manchester escort of your dreams, why not check online for details then call the agency to discuss with one of the friendly administration staff. Be sure that everything you have asked for has been considered. The items on your wish list could start with hair colour blonde, brunette, red head or black hair. Discuss the height of the lady; petite escorts are sometimes favoured by gentlemen so they fit nicely into the man’s arms whilst cuddling. The next thing to think about is age, would you prefer a young lady of twenty, flirty and toned, fun loving. Maybe a lady of thirty and has travelled the world, very confident, experienced and knows what she likes and how to get it.


Think whether you would like your companion curvy, hourglass shape or slim. Bust size?? The measurement of the ladies back is the number and the letter sequence is the ladies cup size, with A being the smallest, B, C, D, E, F and G being the largest. The lady of your choice could bring different outfits of lingerie with her to model for you, Basques, dresses, baby doll outfits, all in ones, many men have favoured the stockings and suspenders with full panties and stilettos, which have made a huge come back, and will continue to do so for the present. Covering that beautiful body and lingerie the attire to be worn over the top would be a cocktail dress, maybe something a little less formal to be discreet; again your choice how you would like the lady to present herself to you.


With this information the receptionist can offer you the correct choice of companion for your liaison. There is a wide variety of females to look at on the internet, whilst this can be quite stimulating and very exciting, it could also be quite overwhelming. Your choice for this perfect rendezvous could be a lady that offers full girlfriend experience, with passionate kissing. Maybe looking for role play where you would like to act out a scene or fantasy involving dress up, the list is positively endless. These options are all part of making your liaison with your Manchester Escort a truly magnificent encounter. When choosing the right Manchester Escort for your evening, carefully consider all of these decisions before ringing. Enjoy the best night carefully selected by you.

Londons First Asian shoppping mall with escorts

Exciting news this week, as East London is gaining its first fully Asian shopping center and many of our Asian escorts London cannot wait for it to be finished. The mall will be located on Green Street East London and will provide Europe’s first Asian shopping mall and will be made 05 35 two story units. So make sure you take our beautiful Asian escorts London shopping in anticipation of your memorable evening together.

One of the major factors that has our Asian escorts London very excited about the prospect is the large ranges of womenswear from everything from jewelry, designer heels and dresses so you can spoil your asian companion the way she deserves. In addition to the Souk there will be a small market for local businesses and retailers so you get the authentic Asian shopping experience.

As well as being a place to fully enhance the experience of Asian escorts London, the mall will be the first eco friendly shopping centre of its kind, with solar panels to provide energy, harvesters to recycle water wastage as well as carefully selected materials throughout the build. the following changes will not only reduce cost for the retailers but will also help protect the environment.

The primary focus of the new East Shopping centre is to provide extra shopping facilities in London’s East End in addition to the already established shopping center of Green Street. be sure to visit one of the latest additions to the London tourism industry in the company of our elegant beautiful Asian escorts London who can provide you will all of the knowledge and information you could want in this area.