5 Thoughtless Comments You Should Never Make

By | May 1, 2015

It is easy to make a casual throw away and thoughtless comment every once in a while. When you are in the company of someone you know your remarks can be quickly laughed off. If you happen to make this type of insensitive comment when you are with a high class Mayfair escorts you may find that it’s a little more difficult to ignore.


Being rude, offensive and insulting is totally unacceptable behavior. Occasionally though you may make an innocent remark that is misinterpreted. Always pay attention to the mood of a conversation so that you can avoid making any unnecessary thoughtless remarks. If one slips out by mistake do your best to apologise and explain what you really meant.


Things You Should Never Say

  1. “The last high class escort I spent time with had bigger boobs/prettier eyes/longer legs…”

It is never wise to compare your elite Mayfair escort experiences. Not only is the comparison disrespectful because you are pointing out your escort companion’s supposed shortcomings, but also because you are clearly paying her the wrong kind of attention. Remember it was you who selected this attractive high class London escort as your companion – she didn’t pick you.


Even if you’re disappointed with your elite London escort’s physical appearance be a gentleman and bite your tongue. Take your focus off her physical attributes and concentrate on getting to know her on another level. Her personality will soon win you over.

  1. You should get a proper job

Assuming your elite Mayfair escort does not have career choices is insulting and demeaning. There is never any reason to make this comment. You have booked an appointment to spend quality time in the company of a high class London escort. She is spending time with you. End of story.


  1. Doesn’t your boyfriend/husband think it’s weird that you meet other men?”

If you have just made this conversation faux pas you have obviously forgotten the importance of privacy, discretion and boundaries. What your high class Mayfair escort companion does in her private life is her business and not yours. You should therefore keep off any topics of conversation that are too prying or personal or both. Respect that she has a life of her own.


4.“Are your boobs real?”

Any comments that are directed at your elite London escort’s anatomy should be avoided at all times. Whilst it is perfectly acceptable to pay her flattering comments about her figure and appearance it is best to avoid thoughtless remarks, as these can be easily taken as offensive.


  1. “Is that it?”


Some gentlemen have unrealistic expectations about what a high class Mayfair escort experience is. A real life appointment experience with an elite London escort companion very much depends on the individuals involved and how they spend time together. As a gentleman making the booking you are taking the lead.