Finding Time to Cuddle

By | December 19, 2016

1447035390_staff_512_564001fe68a52_tnIt is incredible how many single people there are in London. According to some pretty conservative numbers up to 30% of London’s adult population is single. Do these figures mean Londoners are simply not willing to commit or is there something that is going wrong with relationships that we are simply not able to fix? Perhaps one of the reasons is that brits like to do a lot of talking (and shouting, surprisingly) but not a lot of cuddling.

That’s right, research has shown that cuddling is one of the best ways for a couple to truly connect and be able to feel like they’re on the same team. It’s because when we’re so close to someone we are actually being intimate with them. It’s the same principles that apply to tantric massages (which are a great way to learn how to effectively communicate too and are readily available from agencies like Bespoke Tantric). Basically when you’re in contact with someone, when you’re able to hold each other touch each other and yet not have sex with each other your brain begins to signal the production of hormones that make you feel happy, open and willing to talk to someone. It’s the idea that whomever you touch you care about and how hugs can be much more intimate than a sloppy kiss at a bar in the middle of the night.

If you’re having trouble with your partner or simply want to strengthen your relationship take a cue from Tantra and take time to actually hold each other. It’s such a simple thing but the more you do it the more you realize what your feelings for the person you are with are beyond any arguments or disagreements. In fact, even if you’re ready to make a run for it practicing just 10 minutes of cuddling every night might make you change your mind. Sometimes, what we need is less talking and more silence together. If you need more help perhaps talking to a tantric masseuse to come have a session with both of you might be a good way to start healing your relationship. Good people are hard to find so if you have a good person by your side it’s time that you start touching them more and yelling at them a lot less. That also might lead you two to doing a lot more than just cuddling and that’s also a great way to know that your relationship is on the mends.